Green Roofing

Green Roofing Overview

green-roofing-flexstone-flat-roofFlexstone Coatings were recently fully approved for use on flat roofs all across Canada. This opens an exciting new market for our outstanding membranes to be utilized for flat green roofing applications.

See approvals HERE | Just search for Flexstone under the "Product" tab.

Flexstone is comprised of: a thick water-catalyzed urethane base, an aromatic urethane top-coat, a blend of fire resistant acrylic chips, and a one-part clear urethane finish coat (for more information see our Products Section.

The system is UV stable, flexible, 100% seamless, waterproof, and resistant to below freezing temperatures (originally invented for ski-resorts). It's durability is unmatched and the cost is competitive (even lower) than other approved systems like torch-on.

Flexstone green roofing system boasts a series of valuable properties (read on below) that make choosing our product an easy decision for any flat green roofing project.

Flexstone Green Roofing advantages:

  • Fully CCMC approved for roofing applications (Canada wide)
  • 100% waterproof and seamless
  • UV stable. It will not crack or fade over time
  • Winterproof. Flexstone was initially designed for ski-resorts, so harsh winter conditions are not an issue.
  • Retained flexibility for decades
  • Reflective finish coats help save on energy costs
  • Applicable over torch-on membranes (conditional) which saves money & protects our landfills from more roofing waste.
  • Any flat roof instantly becomes a roof-deck (just add railings)
  • Stunning luxurious finishes
  • Pavers, tiles, or deck boards can be installed on top of the membrane
  • Flame free (cold applied = no risk of fires like torch-on). This saves on insurance costs associated with flame-applied membranes.
  • Interchange finish types and colours for a fraction of the initial cost.
  • Low cost. Less than torch-on, better looking, and longer lasting.

The Flexstone green roofing system is without a doubt the future of flat roofing. All the aforementioned properties combine to make flat-roofing decisions easy. Homeowners can maximize the square footage of their deck areas by converting unattractive flat roof membranes to a stunning social area. Residential building owners can provide tenants and unit owners with stunning and durable common areas. Large industrial and commercial clients can save money on the application of the product as well as take an enormous chunk out of their energy costs. Construction managers can rest assured that our membrane is fully approved for any application over living space, they can also boast our low-cost, eco friendliness, ease-of-application, and LEED approved product properties.


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