Frequently Asked Questions

Flexstone is often difficult to explain to customers who are accustomed to vinyl decking and don't know of viable alternatives. Below are some of the most common inquiries.

 What is Flexstone?

Flexstone is a line of premium urethane coatings. The system is comprised of both a thick urethane base coat and a UV stable top coat system. There are two different systems for the protective top layer. The standard colour coat is a thick, flexible, and durable urethane deck paint (applied over base coat) . The standard colour coat is available in 4 colours. The second finish type is a textured stone finish which imitates textured stone but retains it's flexibility. The apperance is achieved by applying a thin layer of urethane top-coat, broadcasting a blend of fire resistant acrylic chips, and finishing with a clear urethane top coat. See how the system is composed below...



Is there a difference in durability between each finish type?

No. Both finishes boast the same lifespan and uv stability. The most important part of the system is our thick base coat, which is required for both finish options. The difference is primarily cosmetic. The standard colour coat is a more popular option for applications where function is the main objective, like vehicle parkades, industrial floors, or flat roofs. The textured stone finish is very luxurious looking and is more popular for residential sundecks, walkways, and roof decks.

Is Flexstone eco-friendly?

logo_colorFlexstone is entirely eco-friendly for a variety of different reasons. First, the base coat is 100% solvent-free (water catalyzed). This property allows it to be applied over existing coatings, other urethanes can not do this because the solvents will dissolve the membrane below. This feature allows building and homeowners to apply the product over old vinyl, fiberglass, or torch-on membranes; keeping roof and deck debris out of our landfills. Secondly, the uv stability and reflective nature of the finish coats save on building energy costs. This means that air conditioning units run for a fraction of the time during warmer months and the seamless insulation properties of the product hold heat in during the colder months. Flexstone is also fully LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) compliant.

I am tired of my deck finish, can I renew it?

Fortunately, Flexstone simply does not wear out for decades, so it does not need to be torn off and re-coated when a client decides to change colours. Say you had a sidewalk grey sundeck done on your home. Several years later you have your house painted brown and want to update your deck colour to the brown textured stone finish. We simply roll out a top coat, broadcast our chips into it, and top off with a clear coat. The base coat stays put and your costs are minimal.


What types of approvals does Flexstone have?

ccmc-leaf2Flexstone is fully approved by CCMC (Canadian Construction Materials Center) for use on flat roofs. Because there is no designation for sundeck approvals in Canada, Flexstone was exposed to the harsh testing associated with flat roof membranes. The product passed with flying colours and is now eligible for any waterproofing application over living space. The product also has the equivalent of these approvals in California, US.

In order to ensure that you're choosing a reliable and long-lasting membrane to waterproof your deck or roof, it is always wise to verify that the product has been tested and approved by CCMC (Canadian Construction Materials Center). Conducting this simple search can save you an enormous amount of time and grief. CCMC approvals ensure that the product is part of the national building code. This means that the product will not fail and you will have no issues with inspectors and/or engineers. To verify that a product has approvals, we encourage you to visit the CCMC's website at the following link: CCMC Registry of Construction Product Evaluations


Is Flexstone slippery?

No. Both the textured stone finish and standard colour coat finish have a good amount of traction. The standard colour coat is finished with silica sand which is back-rolled into the top coat. Applicators can simply add more or less to get the amount of traction that makes sense for your job. The textured stone finish is made up of acrylic chips broadcasted into the surface. These are sanded before applying a clear coat. The amount of sanding dictates the coarseness of your surface so homeowners can get the right amount of grit for their needs. These highly customizable options can't be offered by products like vinyl.

 Can I use the finish coats without the base coat?

In some cases, yes. For applications in which there is no need for waterproofing (ie. basement flooring or garage floors) it is not necessary to apply the base coat. The top coat systems are durable enough to withstand foot and vehicle traffic, but the base coat provides the stability necessary for a 100% waterproof seal. For those applications in which waterproofing is not necessary, costs are significantly lower and the top-coat components will still retain their flexibility and UV stability. On rough or bumpy surfaces like worn-down concrete, the base coat is recommended to level out the surface and restore your concrete.

What sort of warranties does Flexstone offer?

Flexstone products are warrantied for a period of 10 years (5 + 5). This protects the customer from faulty product in the case of leaks due to the membrane failing (which really never happens). Most Flexstone dealers will offer an extended warranty that covers any problems with workmanship, but regardless, we have your back and are proud to stand by our amazing coatings.

I damaged my Flexstone deck, can it be repaired?

Unlike rolled out products like vinyl decking, repairs to Flexstone are incredibly simple. Say for example, you drop a red-hot charcoal briquette on your Flexstone deck. The coal burns an unsightly scar into your great looking deck. Regardless of what finish you have, the area can simply be sanded, wiped down with a solvent (we recommend xylene), and re-apply your finish coat(s). The deck will look like new. So, lets take a look at a more extreme example. Say you are doing a little carpentry and you accidentally saw through your membrane to the plywood or concrete below. We can simply take a very small amount of base coat, fill the crack or gouge, and apply the finish coat(s) on top.

 How long will my Flexstone surface last?

Flexstone on a residential sundeck will last indefinitely, but 20-30 years can be achieved easily. On industrial or vehicular applications, the membrane may begin to wear down after heavy traffic, but even then you will get at least 10 - 15 years out of the membrane before any repairs or re-top coating is required. The longevity of our product is why it is so easy for us to warranty the product and for our dealers to warranty their workmanship.


You have convinced me, how do I get Flexstone put on my deck?

Flexstone is available in most areas across Canada through our network of qualified Flexstone dealers and applicators. Simply visit our "Find a Local Dealer" page and fill in your information. If there is a Flexstone dealer in your area, we will put you in touch with them so they can provide you with a detailed quotation. If you are a contractor interested in handling Flexstone, you can contact us by navigating to the "Contact Us" page and clicking on the tab labeled "Contractors and Dealers". Our staff will be happy to help set you up with the training and marketing materials needed.

Can I apply Flexstone myself?

Flexstone, although relatively simple to apply, is recommended for professional use only. The base coat is water catalyzed and trowel applied to ensure the right thickness is achieved. The time between mixing water into the base coat and the time the product begins to set-up (stop self leveling) is very brief (10-15 minutes). It takes some skill to ensure that a smooth surface (no trowel marks) is achieved and that each area coated is tied into the next. Although we strongly recommend utilizing our network of qualified Flexstone dealers, where there are no applicators available, we are happy to sell you the product required. This; however, comes with a verbal disclaimer and a set of detailed instructions. Alternatively, you can contact your "go-to" contractor and see if he/she may be interested in learning more about Flexstone.


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