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Traffic Coatings Overview

Flexstone coatings are durable, easy to apply and versatile. Flexstone applications have expanded to cater to more industrial and commercial needs. One of these applications is for traffic coatings (vehicle parkades, suspended slabs, and garage floors).

Vehicle parkades and slabs located above underground parking lots require stable and long-lasting coatings to ensure that leakage does not occur. Leaks in concrete foundations and underground lots can cause cracking and rust the re-bar in the concrete. This can compromise the structural integrity of a building.

It is not worth taking any chances with unproven coatings, as the consequences of poor traffic coatings can be costly. 

The Flexstone vehicular system is comprised of a primer coat, which assures permanent adhesion to the concrete, a thick base coat, an aromatic colour coat with aggregate broadcast into it for slip resistance, and finally an aliphatic top coat.

Flexstone is applied thicker than other membranes. It will outlast any other traffic coatings on the market and is competitive in price. The product also does not dry out and crack. Our coatings move in unison with the natural shifts in your building's foundation. So even if your concrete cracks, our membrane will remain flexible and watertight for years.

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Flexstone comes in a variety of different colours. So whether you are creating your dream garage or coating an entire underground parking garage, there are options to suit your need.


For more information on Flexstone traffic coatings, please feel free to contact us. One of our experts will be happy to assist you.

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