Be a Flexstone Dealer

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Flexstone is Canada's toughest sundeck membrane. In order to accomodate the growing popularity and demand for Flexstone across Canada - we are seeking new dealers in certain regions across the country. Please take a moment to explore some of the benefits of handling this premium product and contact us for more information.

Overview & Advantages

flexstone urethane dealership opportunitiesAlthough Flexstone Coatings are available in most major municipalities across Canada, we are still looking to increase our level of representation in many different areas. Flexstone coatings are quickly becoming a favourite among property managers, homeowners, and engineers across the country thanks to its incredible durability, stunning appearance, eco-friendliness, and inherent flexibility.

In addition to Flexstone's end-product advantages, the line of urethane membranes are also simple to apply and boast a fast learning curve. For a brief overview of our coatings in action, watch our product video.

We ask our prospective dealers not to drop any of the products that have worked for them historically, but rather to offer their clients with an eco friendly urethane alternative to traditional decking and roofing methods (ie. vinyl decking, torch-on roofing, etc.). Most of our dealers learn quickly that clients most often opt for the seamless textured stone finish of Flexstone.


So, why should you consider adopting Flexstone Coatings?

Flexstone urethanes are extremely versatile and have proven to be a valuable product for any contractor, roofer, or decking expert to have in their catalogue. The inherent eco-friendliness, attractiveness, functionality, and unrivaled durability make it a popular choice among customers and the demand is growing at a rapid rate.

It is worth considering capitalizing on this opportunity, as there are a limited number of regions in which representation is needed. You have nothing to lose, but the potential to transform your business is at your fingertips. Please contact us to find out if your area is available or to request samples or our "starter kit".

*Note: The starter kit consists of 1 quart of base, 1 pint of colour coat, 1 pint of clear coat, and a small amount of acrylic chips. Enough product to create an 8 square foot sample board which can be used as your own sales aid.


Advantages to being a Flexstone Urethane Dealer:

Marketing MaterialsWe provide all dealers with customized flyers, brochures, info sheets and slideshows. For select dealers demonstrating pro-activity, we can also provide free advertising in your target area.
Wholesale PricingOur competitive pricing allows you, as a dealer, to supply and install the product at a rate that is competitively priced with other approved membranes.
More options for your customersWe don't ask our dealers to abandon products within their current catalog. We recommend that you offer your clients Flexstone as an alternative and allow your customers to choose.
Leads in your areaProactive and reputable dealers will be provided with leads in their target areas.
Open new marketsWith Flexstone you can work all year round. The product line is an excellent option for industrial & commercial flooring, garage floors, parkades, and many other interior applications.
Easy sellOnce clients see samples of our product and are educated on the many advantages of seamless liquid coatings, the choice becomes clear for most.

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