Flexstone is the one-stop-shop for all your decking needs. Our tools have been hand-selected to make applying Flexstone easier. All of our tools are priced lower than hardware stores and most lumber yards so you can enjoy the convenience as well as the affordability.


Flexstone V-Notch Trowels (3/8″ x 3/8″)

Custom Flexstone trowels have 3/8″ x 3/8″ V Notches designed specifically to spread the Flexstone base coat to the ideal thickness. The trowels are composed of polished steel so any product stuck to the tool will peel off easily once it has cured, allowing them to be re-used.

Available in 11″ and 14″ sizes.

Flexstone V-Notch Squeegees (3/8″ x 3/8″)

3/8″ x 3/8″ V notched squeegees are ideal for larger projects and open areas. Fitted with an adapter, simply insert a pole and spread the base coat standing up and faster than ever before.

Available in 18″, 24″ and 30″ sizes.

Adhesive-backed absorbent seam-tape

Adhesive-backed absorbent seam tape is installed quickly and easily by rolling the tape out over plywood seams. When the base coat is troweled over the tape, it absorbs into the surface (without dripping through the cracks) creating a permanent bond and preventing material from sinking into seams.

3″ x 108′

9.5″ Roller Cages

Standard 9.5″ roller cages are available with accompanying sleeves. Ribbed wires help to keep your sleeves secured in place. This economy cage is affordable and reusable.

9.5″ Roller Sleeves (10mm nap / 19mm nap)

9.5″ Sleeves are lint-free and disposable. They are available in both 10mm (standard) nap as well as 19mm (thick) nap. The standard nap roller sleeves are designed to spread the AR Colour coat evenly while the thicker nap is ideal for attaining an even finish with our Flexstone Clear Coat.

18″ Roller Cages & Sleeves (10mm nap / 19mm nap)

18″ roller cages and sleeves (10mm nap and 19mm nap) are available for order. The double-wide system is ideal for large open areas like roof-decks, garage floors, driveways, or large decks.

Mini Rollers / Sleeves

Detail work is made easy with economy mini-rollers and cages. One cage will last indefinitely and the sleeves are affordable and handy for hard-to-reach areas and finishing work. Sleeves come in packages of 10.

Square HD Paddle Mixer

Heavy duty square paddle mixer is ideal for pre-mixing the base coat. Its unique shape allows the arms to pull-up polymers and resins that settle on the bottom of a pail. Also can be used to mix water in with the base coat efficiently.

Pro tip: Wipe clean immediately after use.

Red Poly Trim-tape

The red poly trim tape is a durable and rigid tape designed to build a perimeter wall around a deck before floating out the base coat to prevent any drippage on the flashing. The tape can also be removed easily without leaving a sticky residue.

Disposable 3″ Brushes

Disposable and economical 3″ brushes are available for purchase individually or in a case of 24. Ideal for detail work and finishing.

Bucket Cleaners

The scoop & scrape bucket cleaner is extremely handy to have on site while coating a deck. Applicators are able to scrape almost all the material out a pail quickly making the mixing pail available for re-use.

Caulking Guns / Urethane Caulking Sausages

Urethane caulking and accompanying sausage caulking guns are available for purchase. The products are compatible with Flexstone and are ideal for minor repairs or sealing around drains or posts.

22″ Reusable roller trays

22″ reusable roller trays are designed to accommodate 18″ rollers. Materials can often be peeled right out after curing or with some xylene, cleaned and prepped for re-use.

Reusable 11″ Paint Tray (frame)

Solid rubber reusable paint trays are available. They lay evenly on a deck surface and are rugged and reusable. Disposable and cheap tray-liners are also available (see below)

Disposable 11″ Roller Tray liners

Disposable 11″ tray liners to be used with the reusable paint trays. Available individually or in packages of 5. Flexstone materials will not dissolve the disposable trays. Designed for standard 9.5″ roller cages.

Enduro-Flex Grinding wheels

Rugged reusable grinding wheels are ideal for smoothing out imperfections in the Flexstone base coat. Simply attach to nearly any standard angle-grinder and feather down high spots, pronounced ridges, or any other cosmetic issue.

Protective Arm-Sleeves

Cleaning out buckets and troweling base can be messy work, and cleaning material off your skin can be time consuming. Save the mess and hassle with disposable arm sleeves (one size fits all).