NEW: V-Notched Standing Trowel

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We are proud to announce the new Flexstone Standing trowel. The standing trowel is a heavy-duty locally fabricated stainless steel trowel with 3/8″ x 3/8″ V-Notches designed specifically to spread the Flexstone base coat at the ideal thickness. The trowel has a 45 degree bend where the handle-bracket attaches. The bend accomplishes 2 things – first, it contributes to the teeth of the trowel being angled properly on the surface so installers can hold the trowel at a comfortable height while standing. Secondly, having a bend in 16 GA steel makes the unit nearly impossible to warp or curl.

The Flexstone standing trowel is composed of polished stainless steel, therefore, cured base coat can be peeled off of it so the trowel can be used indefinitely. We are offering the Flexstone standing trowel in a standard 16″ length as well as an extended 24″ version for bigger jobs.

Through utilizing the standing trowel, our valued Flexstone installers can save their backs and save their time.


Flexstone top 10 Tips for applying Tuff base coat in Hot/Warm temperatures

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Remember – The hotter the surface and weather – the faster the Tuff Base mixture sets up & thickens
* Start early or work late when surface is not hot and have white tarp to cover areas to keep out of the sun.

1 – It’s a good idea to start with seam taping, drip flashings and up walls – feather the Base out where you stop.

(This allows you to move quicker over the large areas and not worry about slower detail work)

2 – Prior to a job store 5 gal Tuff base pails in a cool place – keep in a cool place once they are on the job as well.

3 – At the start of job full Tuff Base pails should be stirred as thicker polymers can settle – put on lids and keep cool.

4 – In hot weather a block of ice in mixing water gives you more time working with base. Add water and mix 3 mins.
Pour and trowel immediately – mixing person can scrape out left over base in pail and set upside down in next area.

5 – Add 1 part water to 4 parts base (not more than 1-4) Tuff Base rejects excess and it also speeds up the set-up time.

When excess water is not absorbed into Tuff Base bubbles may even occur in hot or warm weather.
(For damp/moist plywood, cut back a bit on water – use a 1 to 5 mix which tricks the base into wanting more water)

6 – When spreading Base use 3/8” V-notch Trowel angling down as much as you can moving through the mixture quickly.
As you run out of Base feather outside edges – use flat trowel edge again to push new mix over old (don’t touch old)

7 – Coverage = 30 sq ft from each mixed gal of base – Start with 1 gal angling 3/8” V-trowel down so you cover 30 sq ft.

*Do not add water to next mixture until applicator has finished spreading previous batch – water is the catalyst!

8 – Avoid mixing more than 2 gals of Base at a time, especially in HOT weather – set up can start within 10 mins.

If you work fast enough using a V-notch 3/8” squeegee or in colder weather you could mix half pails at a time.

9 – Have at least 3 pails, 1 for water 2 for mixing base into. Start with the first pail adding cold water and mix for 3 mins.
For fast measuring put a stick in empty pail with notches cut up to 5 1/2” (=2 gals base) and to 7” (=2 quarts water).

10 – If you encounter a few trowel marks toward the end of a mix gently smooth them with the flat edge of your trowel.
Don’t play with the base while troweling as it will smooth or self level on its own. (playing works against you)


When being CCMC Approved is not enough…

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Flexstone is CCMC approved for use over living space. This includes flat roofs and roof decks. The CCMC designation is usually all that is required for our material to get a stamp of approval for a project. CCMC stands for the ‘Canadian Construction Materials Center’ – and is a federal body that determines what building materials meet the high standards to be approved federally. While this often translates into respective building codes, further inspection or approvals are occasionally requested.

Flexstone is not only approved, but also performed very well in the required tests. The red-tape involved in the building industry is necessary to ensure that homeowners and building owners are using products that will last. This red-tape can also be a nuisance for products that are new. Flexstone has been installed across Canada for over 20 years but has only been approved by CCMC for 5 years. This means that some municipalities and engineers have not yet been educated on how well Flexstone performs.

We have provided you with a couple of sample letters that was drawn for these situations. Engineers who had experience with our product, wrote the letters below and overrode the cautious building inspectors who were unfamiliar with Flexstone’s waterproofing systems.

While this scenario is not common, it does illustrate that – even if an inspector or engineer denies the use of Flexstone on a particular project, there are ways to work around these obstacles. Working with engineering firms that have worked with our product in the past can help bypass the process.

You can verify whether not a product is CCMC approved by searching HERE
You can see Flexstone’s CCMC test results HERE

Introducing: The Equestrian System by Tufflex / Flexstone

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Of every flooring or decking application, the ones that take the most abuse are those involving animals… especially big ones. Long lasting membranes in large animal enclosures is nothing new for Tufflex/Flexstone – as the membrane has been used in zoos all across North America. The systems have been installed on everything from elephant enclosures, dog pounds, and tiger cages. It only makes sense that we would develop a system for stables.

The equestrian system is similar to our standard colour coat system (System S). It is composed of a base coat and UV stable colour coat. The equestrian system; however, involves the addition of powdered or shredded rubber into the unique base coat to help build up thickness and provide some degree of cushion for the hooves. The base coat is installed twice as thick as our standard system and totals approximately 1/8″. The base coat is then coated with a UV stable aliphatic colour coat that is formulated to handle the heavy hoof-traffic.

The highly specialized system is now available across Canada. Please feel free to contact Flexstone Coatings to learn more about this new and exciting system.



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Old man winter has arrived in full force and customers have been calling with questions about how to deal with a frosty Flexstone deck surface without damaging the surface. Well, we have some good news.

Flexstone is among the most resilient membranes on the market and one of it’s most valued features is it’s resistance to chemicals – hence why it is popular in garages, industrial spaces, labs and more. That being said, salt will not damage it.

So whether you have Flexstone on your sundeck, front steps, driveway, or anywhere else on your home, we encourage you to broadcast salt as if it was exposed concrete. Safety is paramount and this post has been published to make it clear to our customers that salting your steps is a precaution that should not be overlooked for fear of damaging our surfaces… it will not.



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Flexstone is proud to announce the Tuff vehicular system for concrete vehicle parkades. The competitively priced system is composed of our low solvent #3 Epoxy Primer, a fast-applied urethane base coat, an aromatic colour coat topped with aggregate for slip-resistance, and our uv-stable and incredibly durable aliphatic finish coat.

Each component can be spread quickly and easily which helps to keep labour costs low. In addition to the speed of application, the system is competitively priced and is backed by the sterling reputation of Tufflex Polymers / Flexstone Coatings – the manufacturers of the world’s toughest waterproof coatings.

Flexstone, despite being one of the most durable membranes on the market, has traditionally been priced out of the parkade industry by cheaper options and inferior products. With the new Flexstone vehicular system, dealers are able to supply and install a superior membrane within the price range to compete with other products.

With better adhesion, superior tensile strength, simple application processes, high chemical resistance and the ability to withstand heavy traffic in extreme temperatures – Flexstone’s Tuff Vehicular system is the future of parkade resurfacing.



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It is all too common in our industry to come across customers looking for a sundeck replacement due to leakage; most commonly on decks with vinyl or a combination of torch-on roofing and pavers.

While Flexstone is an excellent alternative to these systems and we applaud customers for choosing to step outside of these antiquated options, we come across far too many homes where water damage is extensive. It’s important to identify the early signs of leakage and address those issues early. Every day that goes by where leak issues are ignored or put on the back-burner costs customers more and more money.

If you see any sort of staining on a ceiling below a roof deck or sundeck, call a contractor immediately. If you see any moisture around joists in an exposed ceiling, call a contractor immediately. While these issues may seem minor at a glance, the consequences of delaying action on repairs or re-surfacing can be enormous.

We encounter far too many scenarios where a sundeck has leaked for weeks, months, or in some cases even years without being properly addressed. What this leads to is a costly tear off of the existing waterproof membrane, replacement of some or all plywood, and in extreme cases the replacement of one or more supporting joists. In addition to structural repairs, there are also risks of mould – another dangerous and expensive issue to sort.

These repairs are expensive, time consuming, and entirely avoidable.

Do yourselves a favour. If you spot even the tiniest of stains on your garage roof ceiling or even a single drop of water fall from a joist, call someone. It would also be wise to check out the membrane on top. If you have a vinyl deck you can often spot a split seam or a tear that may be allowing water in – this can be temporarily fixed with some urethane or silicone caulking. If you have a deck with torch-on and pavers; it becomes a bigger task and you may want to lay a tarp over the surface to mitigate the ingress of water.

Regardless of your membrane, do not take water leakage lightly – it can be serious and acting fast can save you a fortune in the future.



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25-garage1Flexstone Coatings have earned the reputation as Canada’s toughest sundeck membrane. Our elastomeric and attractive seamless system is ideal for exterior waterproofing. It has also been adopted, thanks to it’s stunning finishes and durability, as a floor coating as well.

We have recently discovered that use on concrete floors has a few pitfalls. Primer is required to seal moisture below the surface to prevent blistering in the future. The cure time is 24 hours for each component, making it necessary to spend at least a couple days on one project. Some new performance tires can leave orange stains on the surface.

In order to combat these potential problems and provide our valued dealers and garagefloor5customers with a superior alternative, we have adopted FlexCoat – a line of premium polyaspartics by Tufflex (the same company that manufactures Flexstone).

FlexCoat represents the next generation of polyaspartics. While most polyaspartics can only be applied at a thickness of 4-6 mils per coat, FlexCoat can be applied as thick as 14 mils in a single coat, which means less site-visits. In addition to the thickness, the 2-part aspartic system fully cures within 2-4 hours, so applying a 20-40 mil surface can be easily achieved in a day.

FlexCoat aspartics advantages also include low odour (0 VOC), high abrasion resistance, impact resistance, chemical resistance, fast cure time, and the ability to be applied over wood, concrete, and even metal.

The product is sold as a clear membrane; however tint packages are available for surfaces where a neutral colour is preferred.

Applications include: pharmaceutical floors, laboratories, food prep/kitchen areas, basements, garage floors, kennels, restrooms, veterinary facilities, manufacturing plants, locker rooms, aisle ways, health care facilities, auto showrooms, loading docks, schools, car wash facilities, and more.

We have always been proud to handle Canada’s toughest flexible coatings – and are now excited to move into the world of industrial and commercial flooring with one of the toughest and easiest to apply coatings available.

Please contact Flexstone for more information.



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Although most Flexstone applications have no issues, the final step of the process, applying a clear coat over our acrylic flakes, can be a source of frustration. We want to clarify this process and provide our applicators with all the tools and information required to get an even glossy finish.

Okay, let’s break down the processes so we’re on the same page…

You have already applied our Flexstone Base Coat. It was applied with a trowel, self-leveled and you were left with a smooth, white, rubbery finish.

The next day you applied a layer of AR Colour coat and broadcast one of our custom blends of chips into the sticky surface.

The day after the chips were applied, you swept up the excess and sanded the surface to your desired coarseness. You vacuumed up the dust and are primed and ready to go with your roller, tray, and pail of Flexstone Clear coat.

Should be simple, right?… The one part urethane is simply rolled over the chips to seal the system into place and provide that lovely glossy finish you saw on all our samples. But it’s very important not to rush this step.


Start by using a mini-roller or brush, evenly distribute clear coat around the perimeter and up the walls where required. Each section you do, take a few steps back and look at your finished perimeter sections from several different angles. If the clear coat looks glossier in some areas, it means it’s been applied thicker. Even these inconsistencies as much as possible before proceeding with rolling out the main areas.

Using a paint-tray, dip your roller into the clear coat and proceed to roll out in sections only as large as you can reach with your roller cage and pole. Do so using a ‘W’ pattern (as if you are painting a wall). By moving the roller in all different directions, you are assuring that every millimeter of the deck has clear coat on it. This technique also mitigates any streaking or roller lines from the coating process.

Once you have finished your first section, take another few steps back and look at the finish from several different angles (get down on your hands and knees if needed). You are looking for any inconsistencies.

Where you see any overly-glossy or dry looking areas, touch them up as needed until you are satisfied with the overall appearance from all angles.

Repeat this process, working your way towards an exit so you aren’t walking over it with dirty shoes (great way to seal in stains!).

It is crucial to take your time when applying clear coat, remembering to step back and observe your progress in different lights to ensure the product is being applied as evenly as possible.

Now for a few final pointers!

Using a thicker nap roller (15mm – 20mm as opposed to the standard 10mm) will add a little weight to the roller so less pressure is required to coat hard-to-reach areas. Also, a thicker nap will hold more product and distribute it faster, saving time and energy.

Apply the clear coat when the sun is shining or with the assistance of bright lights. Determining how even the clear coat is can be a challenge in overcast weather or when dusk is fast approaching. Ensure you have quality light sources so that you can monitor your progress.

Rolling clear coat towards your house can cause a mess. If there are a few loose chips remaining on your deck when you start to roll out your clear coat, your roller may shoot these sticky devils onto railings or siding if you aren’t aware or careful. Protect your property with tape or poly before starting and slow your pace when you’re near the perimeter.

Don’t panic. The clear coat will not cure rapidly the way our base coat does. It’s more important to work carefully then quickly.

Don’t panic… again. Once you’re finished and are in the process of moving your furniture and barbecue back out, you may notice a few spots that look shinier than others. This is not uncommon and not anything to worry about. The product cures glossy but over time fades to a matte finish with a few months.

Finally, if you have any questions, it’s always recommended to call us here at Flexstone. Our trained staff is more than capable of working you through any difficulties you may have regarding the application.



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One of the most popular and attractive decking finishes available today are aggregate finishes. Tiny stones bonded together with rock-solid epoxy and spread over your surface gives a sundeck a gorgeous natural appearance. The system is not cheap, but aesthetics are very important to people. There are two major issues with this system on sundecks or flat roofs.

Herein lies the first problem; epoxies (the common bonding agent) and polyaspartics have no flexibility. So despite the attractive finish, these types of finishes do not work on sundecks or roof decks. Over a surprisingly short period of time they will inevitably crack and allow water to sit upon the substrate waterproof membrane which could quickly lead to leakage and water damage.

This process is incredibly time-consuming and expensive for the customer.The second issue is the follow-up to a failed aggregate system. If the aggregate finish is cracked and the membrane below is allowing water through, there is no way to repair the underlay without jack-hammering your beautiful aggregate finish off, cutting the bad part of the membrane out (if you’re lucky enough to find it), and repairing the entire system.

Luckily, if you are one of the victims of one of these unfortunate circumstances, you are no longer forced to remove your entire aggregate deck. For a fraction of the cost of remedial work, Flexstone coatings can be applied over the aggregate, forming a thick and durable urethane surface that flexes with the natural shifting of your deck and bonds to the existing stone permanently.

It extends the life of your deck by upwards of 20-30 years and can be topped off with a faux-aggregate finish (textured stone finish) that looks amazing, is entirely seamless, easy to maintain, and most importantly: remains flexible for decades.

So whether you’re considering employing an aggregate finish on your deck or are already feeling the pitfalls of these systems, your only approved option to solve your issues is Flexstone.


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What are the things customers want when it comes to a sun deck or patio in London, Ontario? Well, first and foremost you probably want durability. Durability, as we have learned being in the waterproofing business for over 20 years, is relative to location. What is durable in California may not be able to stand up to freezing temperatures like we would experience in London. Fortunately, Flexstone excels in cold climates (hence why it’s used on ski-resort decks all across North America).

Okay, so we’ve covered durability… What’s next? Appearance, perhaps? Most sundecks are comprised of one of the following: vinyl, which has unsightly seams throughout that are melted together; deck boards, which cost a fortune and require a membrane beneath them; tiles, which are also very expensive and require a membrane beneath; or a liquid-applied urethane, most of which are thin and wear easily. Fortunately, Flexstone (which is also a urethane) is solvent free and significantly thicker than any other urethane on the market. It also looks fantastic and boasts a series of outstanding textured stone finishes that are sure to impress.

What else do you look for in a sundeck? How about easy maintenance? Decks in London, Ontario see a fair bit of snow over the course of a year. This means snow shovels and salts take a toll on your surface. If you have deck boards, they need to be re-stained, if you have tiles, the grout wears out quickly, and if you have vinyl… well, vinyl can’t handle too much of that kind of a beating as many Londoners have discovered for themselves.

Flexstone is incredibly easy to maintain. If it looks dirty, just scrub it down with soap or simply pressure wash it. And all that talk about snow shovels; well, you don’t need to worry about that as the decks we have done at ski-hills have lasted 20 years with shovels scraping the surface almost daily in the winter months.

Let’s talk about our feet now, Flexstone has a great texture that provides slip resistance and stays relatively cool in summertime (doesn’t burn your feet like vinyl does!). And even for you folks that are partial to the wooden deck board systems, Flexstone can be applied as your waterproof coating beneath them in place of torch-on, which runs the risks of house-fires, is expensive, and looks like exactly what it is: a roof membrane.

Finally, Flexstone is fully CCMC approved for use on decks and flat roofs across Canada (yes, that includes you, London!). So don’t let your contractors tell you that your only approved options are torch-on or vinyl, because we are proudly the new kids on the block.

For more information, please feel free to explore our site or contact us directly for information on Flexstone dealers in your area.



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Before installing Flexstone on a deck, most situations call for the installation (or re-installation) of drip edge flashing. The most common size is a 2″ x 2″ and the drip-edge is a small kicker that diverts water from the fascia board beneath it. These flashings are most commonly sold in 10′ lengths, meaning that on almost every job, you will be required to connect one piece to another.

There are several schools of thought on how to forge a proper connection between two pieces of flashing. In order to make it a little easier, we decided it would be wise to show how we install our flashings. As I mentioned before, there is more than one way to do this, but we know that the method you’re about to see works well for us.



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In case you are wondering… “How much Flexstone do I need for my job?”

Well, the answer is never a simple one, as each component of our system has different coverage. Because our base coat is applied at a 1/16″ to 1/8″ thickness, it covers more than our top coats and chips.

Please feel free to use the calculator below to make your order a simpler process!


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Heavy rains and thick fog, months of freezing weather, and the harsh beatings taken from snow shovels and salt… Does that describe the doom and gloom of a Halifax winter? Although we, here at Flexstone, are on opposite ends of Canada, the weather shares a lot of similarities. Now, imagine the toll these climates take on your waterproof coatings?

Here in Vancouver, we suffered through a crisis in the 1990’s fittingly coined as “The Leaky Condo Crisis” in which waterproofing methods designed for more temperate climates were specified for our wet weather. The result was disastrous. Thousands of condos and townhomes sprung leaks shortly after being constructed and hundreds of
millions of dollars were spent on restorative work.

This was the time that Flexstone first arrived on the scene, like a waterproofing superhero, finally there was a durable solution to poor vinyl decking and faulty flat roof membranes. These days, now that the our first local jobs are reaching the 20 year mark (and still looking fantastic), we are expanding across Canada; all the way to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Flexstone is a cold applied liquid urethane coating. It is trowel applied to attain a thick and rugged seal that retains its flexibility for decades. The product can be floated over old membranes like vinyl, fiberglass, and even torch-on roofing and is topped off with the customer’s choice of a luxurious textured stone finish or a rugged standard colour coat finish; both of which provide 100% UV stability and a great looking finish.

Despite the inherent abuses waterproofing membranes take in climates such as Halifax or Vancouver, Flexstone will persevere. How do you figure? You ask. Well, Flexstone was designed for ski hill decks and roofs originally. Also, it has been used, tested, and proven on industrial applications like industrial flooring, vehicle parkades, and flat roofs; so use on a residential application borders on overkill.

We are currently looking to recruit Flexstone Dealers in the Halifax area. If you are interested in having your sundeck coated in the area, please contact us or refer us to your contractor or handyman so we can train him and supply our incredible product to them.


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Surrey, one of Canada’s fastest growing communities, is one of the rainiest climates in Canada. Flexstone has been successfully waterproofing sundecks in Surrey for the past 20 years, with no product failures to date. Fast forward to today and we boast some of the most reputable Flexstone dealers in Canada actively serving the Surrey and Fraser Valley region.

Because Flexstone’s headquarters is based in Vancouver, we fully understand what the weather conditions are in Surrey, and we understand what waterproofing methods are most effective in these conditions. Flexstone is the most logical and durable solution on the market. The stunning seamless finishes will never allow water to penetrate it; regardless of how heavy the rain hammers down.

Surrey is one of the most progressive cities in Canada with regard to sustainability and eco-friendliness. LEED building standards have become the norm and the environment has become a priority. Unfortunately, up until recently, the only approved membrane for flat roofing was torch-on sbs. Torch-on is flame applied, which releases harmful toxins into the air. In addition to this, the application process requires open flame which dramatically increases fire risks. Because of these risks, the insurance costs associated with this type of membrane are exorbitant – these costs are relayed to the building owner.

Flexstone is water-catalyzed and cold applied. So there is no risk of fire and no harmful gases escaping into the atmosphere. What makes Flexstone even more eco-friendly is that it is applicable directly over most other surfaces (including torch-on, vinyl, and fiberglass). This keeps roofing and decking debris out of our landfills. Because our product has an indefinite lifespan, it will often outlast the building it is applied on.

So if you have a flat roof, residential sundeck, commercial deck, concrete walkway, pool surround, or any other horizontal surface in need of waterproofing; consider Flexstone.

Ask us about our local dealers and one of our reps will be happy to direct you to the nearest dealer.


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Although there is a long list of reasons to live in beautiful Quebec City, but with those comes the unfortunate lifespan of most waterproofing materials in that climate. Sun deck and flat roof membranes like vinyl or torch-on are designed for more temperate conditions and often fail prematurely due to weather fluctuations.

With the freezing and thawing of buildings or decks, membranes with seams (like torch-on or vinyl) and other urethanes and epoxy based products have a tendency to crack or for seams to open up with this movement. The people at Drytech faced the same issues almost 20 years ago when they uncovered Flexstone; a product designed specifically for use on ski-resort decks and walkways.

Flexstone is an eco-friendly water catalyzed urethane (WCU) that was developed to hold up against the perils of Quebec’s winter seasons. Despite freezing, thawing, swelling of wood, heavy foot or vehicle traffic, and beatings at the hands of snow shovels and salt; Flexstone remains flexible, durable, and resilient. As a waterproofing membrane, Flexstone boasts industrial strength and flexibility while also offering a variety of stunning textured stone finishes that move with the natural movement of your substrate.

Flexstone coatings has been installed all across Canada and is gaining momentum now that it has proven success in climates similar to Quebec City’s. Our long lasting coatings look brand new for decades and come with a 10 year product warranty atop of any qualified applicator’s warranties.

Flexstone is not limited to deck membranes or flat roof membranes; however. The premium coatings are also used on vehicle parkades, walkways, pool surrounds, ship decks, and more.

So if you’re in Quebec and looking for a fresh new look for that outdoor patio space or simply need your flat or low-sloped roof to be watertight; contact us right away! We can help set you up with a dealer in your area.

If you are a contractor or work with a construction or waterproofing company, check out our “Become a Dealer” page for more information on opportunities to adopt Flexstone into your product catalogue.



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Amid the blizzards of the tail end of the winter of 2015, it seems fitting that we introduce Flexstone Coatings to Hamilton. It is no secret that below-freezing temperatures, piles of snow, and the perpetual freezing and thawing of building substrates will take a heck of a toll on a sundeck or flat roof. This is because most products are designed for use in more temperate climates than we see in Canada.

Flexstone premium liquid coatings provide a sound, reliable layer of impenetrable protection that lasts a lifetime – regardless of where in Canada you are (yes, that includes Hamilton too). While the lion’s share of the waterproofing market has traditionally belonged to products that are rolled out like carpet and either glued or torched down; Flexstone is making waves as the only liquid coating in Canada with full CCMC approvals.

Our coatings are superior to traditional waterproofing methods like torch-on and vinyl decking for several reasons. First of all, when the product is applied it forms a bond with substrates like plywood or concrete that can’t be matched by any other method. The water catalyzed urethane can even be applied directly over top of old membranes or coatings. In addition to this, Flexstone is thicker than any other liquid coatings and is entirely seamless, which eliminates the most common leak problems encountered by our seam-heavy competition.

Hamilton also stands to benefit from Flexstone’s incredible winterproofing qualities. Originally devised for decking and roofing on ski hill resorts (because no other product could last any longer than a couple of years in those conditions) Flexstone can stand tall against the perils of winter. It also boasts 100% UV stability, so your finish will always look fresh and new with no concerns of cracking or leakage. Our textured stone finish is sure to turn heads and

Flexstone is versatile enough to solve almost all your surface waterproofing needs. It is approved in Canada for applications on flat roofs as opposed to the very dangerous flame applied “torch-on” system. It is also approved for sundecks, for which the lifespan of the product will surely outlive the deck.

So if you’re in need of waterproofing and you’re in and around the Hamilton, Ontario area, please contact us so that we can get you in touch with one of our qualified dealers in the region.


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There is an undeniable trend in North America regarding the materials used to waterproof building envelopes. Whether it is a sundeck with dilapidated vinyl, a brand new flat roof, an old torch-on roof, or a cracked and beaten-up concrete surface; liquid coatings are being used to rejuvenate, restore, and resurface a wide variety of surfaces.

Flexstone is the best liquid coating on the market. It’s resilience in both heat and cold paired with it’s durability and inherent flexibility make it the most reliable waterproof membrane available. The best part, it can withstand harsh climates like Brampton and Toronto. As we know, Brampton has cold winters and warm summers.  There is a fair amount of snow and rain throughout the year as well. What this means is that building foundations will settle, causing cracks in concrete; sundecks will swell and compress as moisture levels in the air fluctuate, and the waterproof membranes on these may eventually split at the seams as a result.

Flexstone remains flexible and maintains an incredible bond to nearly any substrate. So for the good folks of Brampton, Ontario; Flexstone is the answer to your waterproofing concerns. It will never crack as a result of substrate movement, it will never fade from the sun, it will remain flexible even in freezing temperatures, and the surface can withstand all the salt, snow shovels, and foot traffic you can throw at it.

In addition to Flexstone’s resilience in climates like Brampton, Ontario’s, the membrane looks amazing. Our luxurious textured stone provides a stunning appearance without compromising quality. For more industrial or for a simpler appearance, we also offer a standard colour coat finish in 4 neutral shades. Even the most particular of Brampton’s customers will surely find a finish that suits their scheme and lasts a lifetime.

For information on dealers in the Brampton / Mississauga / Toronto / Markham area, please contact us via our contact form; one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.


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Flexstone, also known as the Dustin Byfuglien of waterproof coatings, is the toughest and longest lasting membrane on the market. Developed with cold weather resistance in mind, Flexstone is far and above the best waterproof coating for Winnipeg winters.

Flexstone is applied in 2 – 4 layers (depending on finish-type) and is always protected with a thick, impenetrable water catalyzed urethane base coat. This is the secret to Flexstone’s success in freezing temperatures like you’d see in Winnipeg and the rest of Manitoba. The base-coat remains flexible for the lifetime of your deck and the protective top coat systems provide full UV stability and the same flexibility as your base, so you end up with an incredibly durable monolithic membrane that bonds to substrates better than any other liquid coating on today’s market.

Waterproofing jobs in climates like Winnipeg need to be addressed carefully. Homeowners must be weary of cheap materials designed for warmer climates. With the beating these surfaces take at the hands of Jack Frost, traditional methods such as vinyl, torch-on, and fiberglass simply do not have the longevity needed to deliver reliable protection for long periods of time.

Flexstone is fully CCMC approved for use on Sundecks, Flat Roofs, and concrete. This means that the product can be legally applied to roofs and decks without any hassles from building inspectors or engineers. In addition to this, Flexstone, as I mentioned earlier, was composed specifically for cold weather and will last indefinitely.

Here’s some proof. Flexstone offers a 10 year warranty (5 + 5 upon inspection) on all of their products, regardless of application or location. So if the product fails, you are covered. In addition to this, most qualified Flexstone applicators, who know the strength and longevity our product delivers, will offer an addition warranty on their workmanship to ensure that both ends of the application process (product + labour) are covered. We aren’t just about protecting your building or deck from leakage, we are also about protecting our valued customers from shoddy products and sneaky contractors.

So if you’re in Winnipeg and looking for some waterproofing, consider the abuse your surface will take throughout multiple winter seasons. Then remember: “Hey, doesn’t Flexstone have some pretty spectacular winterproofing qualities?”… Yes. Yes it does.

Make the safe decision and work with Flexstone.

Please contact Windeck for more information or to find a qualified installer in your area. | | 204.231.2741


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Before we delve into the benefits of Flexstone in a climate like Mississauga’s, I want to address how Flexstone performs in general. Whether you’re in rain-soaked Vancouver, blistering hot Phoenix, or icy cold White Horse; Flexstone will last decades… easily.

Flexstone’s incredible water-catalyzed urethane was originally formulated by some brilliant chemists in California searching for a solution to decking & waterproofing on ski resorts. Naturally, with heavy foot traffic (big ski-boots and poles), menacing cold, snow, ice, and in the summer time hot sun; membranes were unable to last longer than a few short years.

Flexstone was designed with not only the freezing and foot-traffic in mind, but also with general flexibility and uv stability as priorities. The product saw unprecedented success in those menacing conditions, which led to it’s growth in popularity as a general waterproofing membrane which happens to be ideal for a climate like Mississauga.

Mississauga and Toronto are faced with similar weather fluctuations seen on ski-resorts. Freezing snowy winters followed by some rainy seasons, and finally warm sunny summers. These types of climate changes are torture for most waterproofing membranes. In the winter the deck or roof is bombarded with snow, ice, salt, and snow shovels. In the wetter seasons they are often faced with heavy rain and standing water. In the summer, the membranes are exposed to direct sun which will often crack or fade competing products. Flexstone is UV stable and just simply refuses to crack or fade under pressure.

Finally, between all these seasons there are side effects. As the weather changes in places like Mississauga, concrete foundations shift slightly causing cracks and wooden decks will swell and shrink with moisture levels. This causes other membranes to crack on the surface or open up at seams. Flexstone is entirely seamless and retains it’s bond to the substrate and inherent flexibility for the lifetime of your deck or roof. This means that it moves with the natural movement of your building. As a result, the surface remains uniform and 100% waterproof.

So if you have a deck or flat roof in Mississauga that is either leaking or looking dilapidated as a result of the weather and traffic, consider Flexstone. Contact us today to find a dealer in the area. 


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During the 1990’s in Vancouver, BC, there was a waterproofing crisis in new construction buildings (primarily multi-family). Due to failures of envelope waterproofing, billions of dollars in damage and repairs were incurred by owners and the provincial and municipal governments. The faults were a result of incorrect product specifications for British Columbia’s rain forest climate.

This enormous fiasco in the building industry led to a demand for superior waterproofing products designed for our wet and humid climate. Products used in Arizona are not necessarily designed for Vancouver weather. It was this demand that originally brought Flexstone to Canada.

At the time of the leaky condo crisis, Flexstone was a niche product, designed for applications on ski-resort decks, ship decks, vehicle parkades, and heavy industrial waterproofing. Drytech Construction adopted the product because of it’s ability to withstand harsher conditions than we would see in this climate because they understood that it was not worth taking chances when waterproofing a person’s home.

18 years later and Flexstone is now one of the most widely used sundeck membranes in the Greater Vancouver region. It has been proven time and time again as the ideal solution to leaky sundecks. Over the years, the product’s appearance was tweaked to provide a series of luxurious finish options without compromising quality and without breaking the bank like deck boards or tiles.

The seamless urethane base-coat provides any surface with a thick, seamless, flexible, and incredibly strong uniform waterproof membrane. From there, the finish coat(s) provide an attractive finish, traffic resistance, and uv stability. The outstanding finish coats offered by Flexstone do not crack or fade over time and are designed to bond to the base coat and flex with it. This provides a stunning, functional, and uniform flexibility not found in any other product.

Because Flexstone was tested under the harshest environments in North America, use on a sundeck or flat roof leave no concerns and no chance of leakage. In addition to this, the product can be laid atop of existing membranes like vinyl, torch-on sbs, and fiberglass; making it an eco-friendly alternative to tearing off the existing waterproofing system.

Flexstone lasts a lifetime and finishes are interchangeable. So, put simply, once a Flexstone surface is applied, it stays functional for the lifetime of your home.


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Flexstone premium liquid urethane coatings are available across the Saskatoon region. Our water catalyzed membrane is designed to stand up against below-freezing temperatures and heavy traffic. So even when you’re shoveling snow off your brand-new Flexstone sundeck; you need not worry about damaging the surface.

Saskatoon has traditionally been a difficult market for the waterproofing game. Products developed and tested in warmer climates often fail when exposed to extreme cold (and all the shoveling and salting that goes along with it). Fortunately, Flexstone was tested in the harshest climates of North America: ski hills. The sundeck coating was (and is, still) the only membrane on the market that can provide a long and functional life in high-traffic / low temperature settings.

In addition to Flexstone’s resilience in cold weather, it also boasts 100% uv stability so it won’t crack or fade. Flexstone is chemical resistant, easy to maintain, and highly elastic. This means that as your deck or flat roof shifts, swells, or shrinks due to the weather conditions; your waterproof membrane moves with it while still retaining it’s shape and uniform bond.

Believe it or not, there is more.

Flexstone can be applied over existing coatings like fiberglass, torch-on or old vinyl. So having a brand-new deck surface doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend time and money tearing off what’s already down. So long as it’s stuck down well, we can go over it.

Finally, Flexstone is offered in a variety of finish-types and colours. Regardless of what your home looks like, we can find a finish that suits you.

If you are interested in having Flexstone applied on your sundeck, roof deck, pool surround, garage floor, or anywhere else waterproofing may be needed; contact us directly via our CONTACT page. We will be happy to set you up with one of our reliable and qualified Flexstone dealers.


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As we know, the winters in and around our nation’s capital are cold and unforgiving. A price to pay to live in such a beautiful part of the country. Because of those months of cold weather, a lot of waterproofing membranes fail to deliver a long life. The freezing and thawing of wooden and concrete decks causes swelling and cracks which often causes the membrane atop to lose adhesion or crack with the substrate.

Flexstone is a premium waterproofing product that remains flexible and shockingly durable even in fierce Canadian winters. The water-catalyzed urethane was originally formulated for use on ski-resorts; a notorious killer of membranes like vinyl and fiberglass. There was a huge demand on those type of decking applications for a product that could withstand the beating of frozen temperatures and clunky ski and snowboard boots. Alas, Flexstone came to the rescue, becoming the go-to membrane on mountains across the US.

It is it’s unrivaled success under the harsh conditions mentioned before that makes Flexstone an excellent solution to waterproofing problems in Canadian climates. Now officially approved by CCMC (Canadian Construction Materials Center) out of Ottawa, Flexstone can be applied as a deck membrane, flat roof coating, vehicle traffic areas, pool surrounds and more.

Flexstone is proud to work closely with qualified dealers in the Gatinea / Ottawa area. Our dealers are highly skilled, talented, and are happy to work with clients in the region to help solve waterproofing issues and provide stunning surfacing to their customers.

For more information on our product or to get in touch with our representatives in Gatineau, please call us directly or contact us via our contact form. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and point you in the direction of one of our outstanding and reliable Flexstone dealers.


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Not since Chris Pronger donned the blue and orange has Edmonton seen the kind of protection that Flexstone provides. The difference being (besides comparing a waterproof coating to a hockey player), Flexstone will last decades in Edmonton. Waterproofing has seen some problems in places like Edmonton due to the perpetual freezing and thawing of the membranes and substrates.

If only there was a product durable and flexible enough to resist cracking with shifts in building foundations, decks, and roofs. Well, finally there is a solution to these recurring issues. Flexstone was composed for exactly these reasons. Cold climates have a way of cutting the lifespan of waterproof membranes down significantly. With our coatings, even 20 years worth of Edmonton winters can’t damage it. Think about that… Snow shovels, road salt, boot traffic, vehicle traffic, and of course the freezing and thawing thing.

While other membranes, frozen climates will cause products to crack with any sort of movement. Flexstone stays flexible and moves with your surface. On top of that, Flexstone is also fully CCMC approved for applications over living space (this includes flat roofs, sundecks, vehicle parkades, walkways, pool decks, and more). This means that our product was submitted to a wide range of fierce testing to ensure that it is tough enough to handle a Canadian winter.

On top of all the aforementioned benefits, specific to Edmonton, the finish options offered for Flexstone are stunning and luxurious. The textured stone appearance mimics exposed aggregate without the inherent problems associated with it (ie. cracking).

So for your next flat-roofing or deck waterproofing project, consider Flexstone. Our Edmonton dealers are fully qualified and do fantastic work. Contact us for referrals to our representatives in Alberta.


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Flexstone Coatings have been available in Calgary for a few years and have blown on to the waterproofing scene like the urethane version of Johnny Hockey. More reliable than Mark Giordano, Flexstone is tough enough to withstand the harshest winter conditions Cow town can throw it’s way.

Flexstone is a thick liquid urethane membrane that remains flexible for the lifespan of your deck. It is applied with a notched trowel or gauge rake, so you know you’re getting a thick coat every time. Atop calgary-decks-sundecks-roofsof the base goes a stunning blend of acrylic chips followed by an aliphatic clear coat which creates a semi-glossy luxurious finish that doesn’t fade or crack over time.

Flexstone is proud to support our dealers in the Calgary area. We will be happy to pass on any quote requests to our qualified Calgary representatives. We have the utmost confidence in our dealers and our product.

So whether you have a flat roof, sundeck, walkway, vehicle parkades, or even concrete pads; Flexstone is the answer. Flexstone was developed for the worst weather conditions possible. The product has been used on animal cages, ship decks, and ski-hill decks; so a residential sundeck or flat roof is no challenge for Flexstone Coatings.


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Green roof decks are a growing trend in North America. The utilization of valuable square footage while creating a green friendly social space for tenants or strata members just makes sense. There are billions of square feet of under utilized flat roof space all across Canada and we hope to play a role in helping to make these a little greener and a little more useful to the building owners and/or tenants.

Flexstone is a water-based urethane with no solvents in it. What this means, is that the material will not dissolve the surface below it, allowing it to form a strong adhesion with almost any substrate. This feature allows Flexstone to be applied over existing torch-on roofing which is a big money saver and a green-friendly decision. Let’s look at an example…

Lets say you have a torch-on roof that is wearing down and needs replacement. Any other approved roofing system would require a tear-off/disposal, which costs money and harms the environment. Then, in order to torch-down a new roof, you would have to pay the exorbitant fire insurance fees associated with it and high labour costs.

torch-onToday, with our shiny new approvals, we can use Flexstone for your flat-roofing restoration and re-roofing without any objection from building inspectors or engineers. The liquid applied product does not require any heat or open flame and provides a seamless, thick, uv-stable, flexible, and entirely winterproof membrane in a zero-fire-risk appliaction. So right out of the gate you are saving money. But the savings don’t stop there. Flexstone has several light coloured finish options. This reflects the heat of the sun and saves you money on air conditioning costs.

Finally, with a torch-on or tar & gravel roof system, the appearance is not one of a functional deck, so in order to utilize the space for a social or space, concrete pavers or tiles are often applied on top of the roof membrane. This adds an enormous amount of weight to your roof and also makes leak repairs down the line very difficult to repair.

With Flexstone, you get a stunning deck finish that is 100% waterproof, fully approved, and does not require any decorative products atop of it.

So lets review what we’ve learned

  1. Torch-on roofing is the most commonly used membrane for flat-roofs. It is flame-applied, expensive, absorbs heat, and can not be applied over existing coatings.
  2. In order to re-roof a torch-on roof, the old membrane must be torn off and disposed of which costs money and harms our environment.
  3. Torch-on is not an attractive finish, so heavy pavers or tiles are often placed on top which makes leak repairs very difficult.
  4. Flexstone is fully CCMC approved for flat roofs and can be applied directly over top of existing torch-on membranes.
  5. Flexstone reflects heat which saves on energy costs.
  6. Flexstone is cold applied so there are no high insurance costs associated with the application.
  7. Flexstone boasts a variety of stunning finish options which serve as a waterproofing membrane and attractive deck, so there is no need for heavy pavers to be placed on top. This also makes repairs a breeze.

Finally, with all the costs associated with labour, removal/disposal, and insurance; Flexstone is comparable in price to torch-on without taking into account the aforementioned costs. Thus, Flexstone is more affordable, more eco-friendly, more flexible, and more attractive.

Sounds like an easy decision to me.

Learn a little bit more about Flexstone by checking out our video HERE


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The beautiful city of Montreal, Quebec boasts some of the most beautiful spots in Canada and some of the friendliest people around. It is a bustling European style city throughout the summer months and a gorgeous winter wonderland for the rest of the year. But amid the stunning snow-capped roofs and frozen ponds lies a problem.

Waterproofing in frozen conditions has its pit-falls. Most products on the market designed for roofing and sundecks are not designed specifically for icy temperatures like you’d see in Montreal, Laval, Gatineau, Longueiul, Terrebonne, or Varennes. Unfortunately, the majority of deck membranes won’t last long with the abuse of snow, ice, and shovels.

The good news is that Flexstone Coatings, which was recently fully approved by CCMC for any applications over living space (roofs, decks, etc.), is soon to be available in Montreal, Quebec. The product was designed for below-freezing temperatures and can withstand heavy traffic and the abuse of salt, shovels, and more.

We currently have Flexstone dealers nearby but are seeking more representation in the Greater Montreal region. Opportunities exist for qualified waterproofing or roofing professionals to adopt a product that will last a lifetime – even in Montreal.

Finally, a waterproofing product as reliable as Carey Price.

For more information on our product, please feel free to explore our website and contact us directly for information on nearby dealers, dealership opportunities, and general product information.


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Flexstone premium liquid coatings are ideal for Toronto’s winter season. When summer flees and winter rolls in, Flexstone will still be there quietly doing its job. Whether it’s a flat roof, a sundeck, a traffic coating, or a concrete walkway, Flexstone can handle Toronto’s brutal winter months.

Because Flexstone was designed with below-freezing temperatures in mind and utilized on ski-hills (because no other product was able to withstand the abuse), use in climates like that in Toronto and the entire Ontario market is highly recommended. While most waterproofing products and companies adapt their warranties and expectations in harsher climates, Flexstone embraces them, because we know it will last.

Finding a viable waterproofing membrane that will look fantastic and last a lifetime, regardless of the amount of snow-shoveling you do, was a challenge until now. Our fully CCMC approved roof and deck coatings were developed specifically for cold environments like Toronto and the Greater Toronto area.

If you have a worn-down flat roof that you are interested in converting to a green roof space, or a beaten up old vinyl deck membrane that has been faded by years of snow and sun; consider Flexstone. The premium liquid coatings can handle all that Toronto’s hot summers and cold winters can throw it’s way.



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1 year and several months later, and Flexstone has finally completed the rigorous testing and tedious paperwork necessary to achieve full CCMC approvals for applications on flat roofs and sundecks. Flexstone is officially an approved roof system.

So, what is CCMC and why do these approvals matter?

CCMC stands for the Canadian Construction Materials Center. The organization, based out of Ottawa, decides what materials are allowed to be used on construction projects across Canada. Their initiative is to ensure that Canadians are protected from poor building materials and false claims of quality.

These approvals are important because, although the folks at Flexstone knew that the product was amazing, the Canadian Government did not. Thus, Flexstone was limited to applications in restorative work or when a site engineer personally approved it’s use.

Now that it has passed the necessary tests and has been granted “approved” status, those engineer approvals and limited applications are no longer necessary.

Wait a second, what kind of testing are you talking about?

Great question! In order to be granted approved status as a waterproof membrane, a product must pass a series of rigorous tests set in place for roofing materials. The tests include (but are not limited to) the following:


  • Puncture test: Which ensures that the approved roof can not be easily pierced
  • Tensile test: The product is measured, stretched, and remeasured to ensure that it’s flexibility will not permanently warp the coating.
  • Fire test: We can’t have flammable products on decks or roofs, now can we? The product is exposed to heavy flammability tests to ensure that it will help suppress a fire, not feed it.
  • Absorption test: The product sample is weighed then kept underwater for an extended period of time. The product sample is then removed and re-weighed to ensure that it will not absorb water.
  • Accelerated weathering test: The approved roof has all it’s flexibility, absorption, tensile, and puncture resistance qualities tested and is then placed under a powerful UV lamp for 6 months. The half-year under the lamp emulates a period of 7 years in typical Canadian conditions. The product is re-tested afterwards to ensure that it will not break-down over time.

See the full test results HERE

Flexstone passed all of the tests it was submitted to with flying colours and is officially one of an elite list of approved roof membranes.

Don’t believe us?… Check us out on CCMC’s website. Simply click on the link below and type “Flexstone” into the product box.

CCMC Approved Products List