A little bit about the history of Flexstone Coatings

Our company’s role

During the leaky-condo crisis of the 1990’s in Vancouver, our company experimented with a variety of waterproofing products in order to help with the remediation process of many damaged buildings.

The company conducted a search for a product durable enough to withstand Canadian weather (yes, Vancouver sees a lot of rain and yes, Edmonton gets cold) and easy enough to apply that our crews would happily handle it.

We discovered the product that would eventually become: Flexstone, a niche water-catalyzed odourless polyurethane coating based in the USSD6 designed for ski-resorts and animal cages. Flexstone’s unrivalled durability led the decision makers to begin experimenting with the product.

The company saw a great deal of success. The crews enjoyed working with Flexstone and the list of satisfied customers increased to the point where we quickly became of the largest Flexstone dealers in North America.

Success with the product eventually led to the acquisition of the Canadian distribution rights.

Flexstone Coatings Distribution

Construction DealFlexstone Coatings Inc. have been handling Flexstone since 1997 and became the exclusive Canadian distributor in 2008. This means that we are the foremost experts on the product. We have been working hard to set-up and support dealers across the country to help work in unison to make Flexstone universally available.

Our product line has done the heavy lifting for us in this regard. Flexstone’s ongoing reliability and unrivaled durability allow us to confidently distribute it across Canada. We do so knowing that it can withstand our country’s harshest conditions.

Flexstone has only been available outside of Vancouver since 2008 and we are now proud to state that we have established reputable dealers in most major centers across Canada. We are still working towards creating more success stories with Canadian sundeck waterproofing experts and roofers.