Flexstone is Canada's
toughest Sundeck Coatings

Flexstone’s CCMC approved sundeck coatings are formulated to easily resist Canada’s harshest conditions.

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Finally, a superior alternative
to membranes with seams.

Flexstone membranes are without a doubt the most durable sundeck coatings on the market today.
The CCMC approved coatings are stunning, versatile, seamless, flexible and will outlast any competitor’s product.


Designed, tested & approved for Canada's harshest climates

Leak Proof

A CCMC approved roof membrane that is 100% waterproof

Traffic Resistant

Tough enough to withstand heavy vehicular traffic, so your sundeck is safe

Seamless & Attractive

Flexstone is available in a variety of stunning finishes

Unrivalled versatility & durability

Flexstone is an attractive and versatile industrial-strength waterproofing membrane. It is designed to easily withstand heavy abuse from the elements and heavy foot or vehicular traffic. Flexstone is the common-sense answer for sundecks in Canada.

Flexstone’s four-ply CCMC approved rubberized membrane relies on the foundation of it’s solvent-free base coat - which adheres to nearly any substrate (concrete, plywood, fiberglass, vinyl, urethane membranes, torch-on and more) and retains its flexibility indefinitely. The base coat is installed thick with a v-notched trowel or squeegee.

The finish coats are not only aesthetically gorgeous, they have an important job. Our rugged mock-aggregate finishes provide a tough but flexible outer shell that keeps the membrane safe from heavy traffic and UV damage.

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Flexstones Deck coatings are the best alternative to traditional membranes on the market. It is easier to apply, longer lasting and simply looks better!

Why Flexstones Is Better

The many benefits of Flexstone systems

Stunning seamless finishes

Flexstone offers a variety of luxurious finish options designed to suit nearly any home design scheme.

Crafted with care

Flexstone is formulated to handle vehicle traffic, dramatic temperature fluctuations, and heavy foot traffic, making it an ideal deck coating.

Long Lasting

Flexstone on a residential sundeck can last indefinitely, easily reaching 20 - 30 years before repairs or re-top coating is needed

Easy To Repair

Unlike other membranes, if you damage your Flexstone Deck it is an easy fix. Simply sand, wipe and reapply the coating!


Every component of the Flexstone system is designed to flex together. So the inevitable movement and shifts of your sundeck will not lead to cracking and leaks.

Reliable (CCMC Approved)

Flexstone is an approved flat-roof membrane that has passed all the rigorous requirements put in place by the federal government.

Flexstone Is Eco-Friendly

First, the base coat is 100% solvent-free (water catalyzed). This property allows it to be applied over existing coatings,other urethanes can not do this because the solvents will dissolve the membrane below. This feature allows building and homeowners to apply the product over old vinyl, fiberglass, or torch-on membranes; keeping roof and deck debris out of our landfills. Secondly, the uv stability and reflective nature of the finish coats save on building energy costs. This means that air conditioning units run for a fraction of the time during warmer months and the seamless insulation properties of the product hold heat in during the colder months.

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We waited until spring arrived, at least by the calendar in Edmonton, to send some before and after pictures. We had minus 40 C weather and a couple of snowfalls around the 12 in, such that we wanted to say the deck survived the harsh northern Alberta winter. Our project was a replacement project for the outside decks and the upstairs floor was a recovering project. All together we covered around 1900 sq ft. Thank you, the project looks great!
Mike and Gina Grand Prairie, AB
We've had Flexstone on our top deck of our home and we couldn't be happier. We know we are protected from deck leaks and now we can use the deck more often. We liked knowing that Flexstone has a 20 year track record helping home owners in wet climates. Also, we were pleased with the staff and service we received from start to finish. I highly recommend Flexstone products and understand they have a 30 year life.
Doug A. Vancouver, BC
I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the final result, after the last application of the top coat, of the Flexstone / Tufflex urethane system on my deck which covers the garage. It was the first time the contractor had worked with this product and he is also very impressed with the end result and the toughness and flexibility of the product. Thank you for your friendly and helpful assistance each time I called with questions about the product and the application process.
S. Robinson Nelson, BC
My wife and I were just sitting in our kitchen having lunch. Looking out at our patio deck, we both remarked that it looks great! It is now in its third year since your company recoated our old fiberglass deck with Flexstone. We are amazed at how well the Flexstone product is looking after three years! It still looks like new! Recoating our deck with Flexstone was one of the smartest decisions we have made in the 42 years we have lived in our house! We would recommend your product to anyone!
John and Sharon West Vancouver, BC
Your Alberta dealer did a very good job on my deck and my front garage pad. You were 100% correct in saying he is a great guy and will do a great job! We are very happy with the product and the job done. The choice of Textured Stone color combos was great and they worked well on our project. Thanks Again! We plan to show off our deck with pride!
Larry and Linda Edmonton, AB